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((Aug 20, 2016

the fool's gold 50m
Saturday, Aug 20, 2016


What to expect from this 50M: 
This is a challenging 50 mile mountain run that takes you into the heart of Montana's Tobacco Root range, with terrain that varies from forest service roads, to wooded trails, to technical above treeline cairn marked tracks topping out over 10,000 feet.  You will gain and lose approximately 11,343 feet over the course of the race.  It is UTMB 2 POINT qualifier.

Start and finish location:
The 50M Ultra Run starts and finishes at the Pony Park in Pony, Montana.  Race headquarters for the 50M will be in the Pony Gym, two blocks from the park.

Start time: 
The start time for the 50M will be 6am.  2016 will not have an early start.  All participants will be given 16 hours, or until 10pm to compete the race.

Cut off times:
You will have until 10pm, or 16 hours to complete the 50M.  There will be two locations in the race with cut-off times. The first will be at the McGovern Creek Aid Station (29 mile mark) at 2:30pm, and the second will be the first time passing through the Hollow Top Mountain Aid Station (39 mile mark), at 5pm. 

Dropping out: 
If you drop out, you must inform a race official at an aid station, or one of the race directors at the start/finish or race headquarters.


Pre-race check in:
The pre-race check-in will be on Friday afternoon from 4:30pm and 6:30pm at the Pony Gym.  All runners must check in the morning of the race at the Pony Gym between 4:30am and 5:30am.  A light breakfast will be available.


Pre-race meeting
A short MANDATORY pre-race meeting will be held 20 minutes before the race starts, at the start/finish line. For those runners already in town on Friday, you are welcome to join the pre-race brief and meal at the Pony Gym.  That briefing will start at 7:00pm on Friday.


Aid stations:
There will be 7 aid stations, never more than 9 miles apart.  Please refer to the downloadable mileage chart and turnsheet link/download below for location and distance between aid stations.  We HIGHLY recommend each runner purchase a topo map of the the Tobacco Root Mountains from http://www.beartoothpublishing.com/tobacco.php. if a more precise course reconnaissance is desired.

Course markings: 

The 50M route will be marked with yellow tape at road junctures, and bright pin flags along the trails and roads. There will be additional markings and maps at trail junctures.


Cell phone reception/emergency help: 
Much of the race route will not have cell phone reception.  Most aid stations will have HAM radio operators.  SAR volunteers are on standby in the immediate area throughout the race.

Drop bag: 
Runners will be allowed one drop bag at the Mammoth Aid Station. This is approximately 30 miles into the race. Please limit the size of your bag to an 18” x 18” x 24” carry-on.  Clearly write your LAST NAME, BIB#, and AID STATION NAME on your drop bag. 

Due to federal NEPA regulations, no pacers or crews are allowed for the 50M race.

All 50M finishers will receive an award.  The top 3 male and female finishers will receive special awards.

Be prepared for a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.  Storms can build up suddenly. 
Temperatures at the start of the race could be in the low 30s, while afternoon temps may soar into the 70s and 80s. Last year there was a snowstorm on the alpine section of the course. 

Vehicle parking:
Parking is available at the Pony School and Gym, just a couple hundred yards from the start and finish.  The local roads are available for parking, but PLEASE do not block someone’s driveway.


Nearest airport:
Pony is only 50 minutes from the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport just outside of Belgrade, Montana.   

Click on the tab above for nearby camping and hotel options.  Runners can sleep in the Pony gym just two blocks from the start, or pitch a tent on the surrounding grounds.  The gym has a bathroom and running water, along with tables and chairs, but no showers.  Cost is only $10.  Bring your own sleeping bag and pad. Cost to pitch a tent is $15.





(Use these modified topos from Beartooth Publishing Co. to see more topographical detail along the route.  Numbers in yellow circles represent mileage between points.)





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